About the company

NCG Ltd has been established in 2002. The company combines the knoweldge and background of experts in industrial floors whose experience in this area is more than 15 years.

Currently the company is among the leaders in concrete flooring business on the Bulgarian construction market. We offer the most up-to-date technologies and products for industrial and decorative floors from the best producers in the world.

Our local net of sales managers and the warehouses in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv provide our customers with fast reaction, reliability and safety for their business.

There are more than 3 000 000 sq.m. of floors in Bulgaria done using our products and technical expertise!

Our short slogan “Better solutions” includes everything we strive to provide our customers and partners with – better products, better suppliers, better technologies and systems about floors. We are flooring experts!


Our portfolio of products and services in the field of industrial floors includes:

  • Calculation and design of industrial concrete floors
    It is our policy to prepare complete technical solutions for industrial concrete floors which fully complies with the requirements of your project. The technical solutions will include floor thickness, concrete class, suitable steel fibers reinforcement, concrete fields, possibility for jointless floors, suitable dry shake etc.
  • Technical consultancies and application supervision
    We know the industrial floor market better than anyone. We can recommend you the flooring contractor who will make the best floor. Our customers are flooring contractors who have daily output 3000m2.
    We will give you not just a brochure to read. We will be by your side when your flooring project is made and during its realization. It doesn’t matter if it’s about industrial or decorative concrete, we will supply ideas and show you the right way to materialize your expectations.
    We’ll be next to you when you need us!
  • Sale of materials, machines and equipment for industrial floors
    We are proud that world leading companies like PLACEO, PERMABAN and RINOL are our partners and suppliers. These partnerships guarantee our customers reliability, safety and professional solutions.
    We sell not just products, we sell solutions. We know that this is a common expression. But talk to the people we work with. You will see that this is the way we do business.
    Together we will come to the best technical and economically cost-efficient solution for your floor!

  • Application of epoxy and PU floors 


    Our portfolio of products and services in the field of decorative floors includes:

    • Application of decorative overlays
      Regardless of the building style or the landscape we will always find the design and color combination which will perfectly fit or enhance the vision of your floor and will make it unique! Let us find together the new face of the concrete!  
    • Application of polished concrete
      Many customers prefer polished concrete because of its strength, long life and natural wear resistance. The aesthetic beauty and the stone-like finish make this technique very attractive.
    • Trainings
      It doesn’t matter if you have just begun or have had experience in this business, we will pleasantly surprise you with new ideas and knowledge. Come to our next training to learn more about the materials and the possibilities the various techniques provide. The trainings are extensively practically orientated – we will demonstrate how our products work and you could test on the spot the various techniques of polishing, coloration and sealing.  
    • Sale of materials, machines and equipment for decorative overlays and polished concrete 
      Only the best from the US leading producers - everything you need you’ll find at one place!