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Award of the US Department of Commerce for NCG Ltd

NCG Ltd. has been awarded one of the annual awards of the US Department of Commerce for excellence in the field of trade relations between Bulgarian and American companies.

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NCG Ltd.

NCG Ltd is devoted to offer professional solutions and products for industrial concrete floors, epoxy and polyurethane floors, polished concrete, decorative floors, thin architectural overlays. NCG Ltd specializes in:

  • Application of industrial floors
  • Design and calculation of jointless industrial concrete floors
  • Design and calculation of industrial concrete floors with joints
  • Application of synthetic floors and coverings – self-leveling floors, antistatic floors, hygiene floors, epoxy and polyurethane floors which will satisfy the needs of every production and industry
  • Preparation of technical solutions for application of parking systems
  • Preparation of complete technical solutions for industrial floors
  • Application of floors with unique individual design
  • Solutions for reparation and rehabilitation of old floors
  • Solutions for joint reparation of industrial concrete floors
  • Professional cleaning of industrial concrete floors

    Industrial concrete floors are our strength, decorative architectural overlays and polished concrete flooring are our passion. We want to be innovative, that’s why we offer you interesting and unconventional solutions.

    Let us find together the new face of concrete!