Permaban are a global supplier of industrial floor solutions with over 25 years experience in industrial and commercial concrete floor design, installation, product manufacture and floor aftercare.

Founded in 1983, Permaban have become a leading supplier of floor solutions in the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. The product range offers quality solutions for Leave-in-Place joint systems, Dry-Shake floor toppings, concrete curing agents and joint sealants.

Permaban are increasingly engaged across the world in providing technical assistance and products to developers, engineers and contractors to support the global developers of manufacturing, logistic and retail facilities who increasingly demand higher floor performance, aesthetics, flatness and freedom from maintenance.

Permaban has experienced exceptional world growth in the adoption of their floor products and services. To support this growth Permaban has established in Europe, The Middle East and Asia a network of engineers, sales offices, distributors and agents to ensure the floor specification, supervision and aftercare of the floor and the products used are installed and perform to the highest standard.

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