The ROCLAND brand was founded in the 80’s by a group of entrepreneurs offering new products and services in the industrial flooring. The monolithic flooring concept of a concrete slab covered by a hard aggregate wearing screed soon expanded in Europe. The name quickly became a reference in the field of industrial concrete flooring.

At the turn of the year 2000 the ROCLAND brand was catapulted to an international level and sales have experienced sustained increase ever since.


Even though it’s still a young brand, ROCLAND have become experts in analysing clients‘ needs. The technical data of ROCLAND products are analysed and enhanced continually in order to simplify the setting up of the materials by specialized companies and to prolong the term of efficient use of the floor and in order to satisfy the ultimate user.

Producer policy at international level is to offer products which conform to international construction standards and to the current environmental constraints.

With a 150 000 ton production capacity, ROCLAND has provided itself with the means to serve you as quickly as possible, whenever you need it.

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